BlogInterpreter in Kyiv, Ukraine

Planning to visit Ukraine for a business event or negotiations? Interested in doing business in Ukraine, or conduct import / export operations? Looking for the interpreter in Kyiv or other areas of Ukraine? We can offer a reliable and highly professional interpreting and translation services to satisfy your needs.

With more than 15 years of professional linguistic and related experience, we have provided language services for many individuals, companies and governmental agencies.

In recent years, our successful projects included: solar power plant in Ternopil oblast (region), educational and training events for security&defence sector, business negotiations for various business clients and many more.

Linguistic package for business may include:
⦿ regular documents translation;
⦿ agreements / contracts, deals with partners, etc.;
⦿ accounting documents, accounting assistance, payment and transactions management, etc.;
⦿ dealing with banks, payment control, translation of bank related documents;
⦿ interpreting of business meetings / negotiations;
⦿ interpreting for various other events;
⦿ communication with local employees, banks, accountants, government agencies, inspections, suppliers, customers, etc.;
⦿ representing your business in Ukraine;
⦿ day-to-day business management;
⦿ and many other.

We are able to assist you in managing your business, to provide you with time and opportunities to develop your business in the home country or other locations.

Translation and interpreting services may be provided in Kyiv and other areas of Ukraine, depending on your requirements.

Urgent translation and urgent interpreting are also available, if you need to arrange some event in a short time. We are offering short-notice linguistic services.

Welcome to Ukraine! And prosperity to your business!