uk-ukraine military cooperation

Another successful cooperation – UK MoD training course for Ukrainian Airborne Forces

Our CEO, Yuriy Zhurahovskiy, has completed another successful cooperation effort with the UK MoD representatives in Ukraine. British military representatives conducted special training for Ukrainian Airborne Forces in Zhytomyr. We have provided comprehensive linguistic support for beneficial cooperation between UK and Ukrainian military institutions. The training course has received high rates from Ukrainian side. So,[…]

manjaro linux logo

Ukrainian locale for Manjaro Linux

TradoVerde team is providing free support for open-source project – Manjaro Linux. We are managing the Ukrainian localization (locales) for the Manjaro project, with all its bundle software packages. This Linux distro is also one of our beloved OS for working. It is installed on our working PCs and some laptops. TradoVerde Translation Studio supports[…]

thebigword defence

Successful cooperation with thebigword Defence, Justice & International Security Division

We have received a pleasant feedback from one of our localization services customer – thebigword (UK, Leeds). Hi Yuriy, Thank you very much for your continued efforts so far on the Ukraine project. We appreciate all your hard work and commitment. We also would like to thank thebigword Defence Division for the trust and cooperation.[…]