Content writing service is available for the following languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian. Other languages may be available upon request. In general, content writing can be provided for various subjects or industries, however please take into consideration the expertise level required. We would be happy to discuss all the terms and conditions or other requirements, in order to deliver the best possible content.

The standard rate is on per word basis, which guarantees the most fair, straightforward and unbiased method of payment for writing services. However, for some complex tasks, requiring additional research or other tasks involved, the per hour rate may be applied.

EUR 0.05-0.15 per wordStandard rate for general type of content – marketing articles, e-commerce product description, various stories, blog articles, non-technical text, non-expert content, etc.
EUR 0.07-0.25 per wordField-specific, technical, scientific or other complex content, which require additional and/or comprehensive research, involvement of subject matter experts, use of specific materials and/or resources, etc.
EUR 25-35 per hourFor tasks, requiring research, searching for source data or additional information, use of industry-specific resources (including with limited access), use of materials, provided by the client, etc.
Cost +5%Compensation for the access to paid resources, subscription based services, other related (if not provided by the client).

Minimum charge is EUR 10 per job.

Additional discount may be applied for long-term cooperation, service packages, volume based, etc.