games localization

We provide Game Localization Services with a glance to language standards.

Game development industry becomes more and more popular and highly developed. Therefore you should not leg behind your competitors. You have to make your game multilingual, for the whole world to play it.

Game localization normally includes: translation and localization of menus, UI, speeches, inscriptions, names, manuals and other things. But such activity is not just a simple translation. It is a complex process. We will adapt the language of your game to the national and language standards.

The final aim of game localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing playing experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultural context.

If you need some creative approach to your game (for example if you have some fantastic characters or names), we will also do our best to make such words sound nicely in the target language.

In addition, the game localization can also include different translations of advertisement materials, booklets, posters, etc.

We can also provide Website translation service for representation of your game in the Internet. Gamers will definitely appraise that!