software localization services

Software Localization Services will benefit your working cycle, your communication with international customers. Multilingual or localized software is a very comfortable and useful tool for consistency of operations of your employees. In addition, availability of different languages in your software will bring new users and customers, will provide you with more profit.

TradoVerde provides all types of software localization and translation services.

We will make make your software – corporate systems, online and offline portals and nodes, office software, graphic and imaging software, video editing software, audio editing software, educational and training softwareprogramming software, CRM systems, time management and office management systems, workflow management software, banking software, etc, – to be global and to be used for many new users and customers.

All the process of localization will be performed with the full privacy and confidentiality. Your source code will be protected. We do know what is confidentiality for business!

The translation can be performed at your location (if needed, please make a request) or at our own facilities.

We can work with any wide spread language file formats or with your own proprietary format (with training or documentation provided).

In addition, we are ready to consider any type of cooperation in corporate servicing of your software. Regular partnership – additional security for your secrets and know-how!