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Modern world brings more and more new and supplementary tools for any kind of business. Linguists do not stay aside and also get some new options for offering their services. TM-Towm is another online tool for spreading a word about translators and interpreters.

TM-Town has been developed and is operated by – a well known and reputable portal for linguists and linguistic services seekers.

As TM-Towm claims on their website:

TM-Town is a patent-pending new service that utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing technology to match translation professionals with clients in need of high quality translation. There are already a number of places on the internet where freelance translators can be found. What makes TM-Town different is that the directory is organized based on work that has been previously completed. Translators don’t just say what they can do, they show it — by uploading their previous work.

In fact, this is a hybrid solution, combining the marketplace of linguists and TM (translation memory) tool.

From a first glace, the “external” side looks great, with a modern “landing page” style. It shown the essential information about the linguist. But the details include not only the classic price + experience + contact details features. The translator’s page also demonstrates the preferred TM tools and payment methods, number of translation units (sentences) and terminology translated, fields of expertise (based on uploaded work) and even the blog feed. The last feature looks just great and serves its goal – to improve the SEO and make the profile more pleasing and “human”.

In terms of usability. A nice feature is availability calendar, though it can be accesses only from your profile page. And, besides being a great tool for service provider, it does not allow you to go to the next 2022 year, bringing you to an error page. Hope this will be resolved soon.

I have also registered at TM-Town with my translator’s profile and uploaded some previous translations to add some statistics. Will test and try this new marketplace for interpreters. And see how well it will perform to promote my linguistic services as interpreter and translator.

Yuriy Zhurahovskiy TM-Town Profile