2018 has showed another huge leap in the development of solar energy. Many countries all over the world have developed various strategies on attracting investors to this industry, created different opportunities for the “green energy” sector.

Now, we can make some conclusions on how the solar energy sector has developed within the last year.

So, the world leaders in the installed capacity of the solar (photovoltaic) power plants are:

Country nameInstalled capacity
China154.51 GW
USA56.00 GW
Japan51.00 GW
Germany44.30 GW
India24.60 GW
Italy19.70 GW
Great Britain13.34 GW
France8.50 GW
Australia8.45 GW
Spain4.80 GW

As we can see, the leader in solar energy capacities is China. And this is not a big surprise, as China is the world leader in production of solar panels for the industry.